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African Diaspora Network Connections

Building an ecosystem to attract and bolster investors

In the pursuit of sustainable development in Africa, building a robust ecosystem is paramount for attracting and bolstering investments from the diaspora. The diaspora constitutes a valuable network of skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors whose collective contributions can catalyze economic growth and foster innovation. Establishing a cohesive ecosystem provides the necessary framework to channel resources, expertise, and capital efficiently, creating a symbiotic relationship that not only nurtures successful ventures but also contributes significantly to the overall progress and prosperity of the continent.

African Diaspora Network
Mrs. Okunubi and Almaz Negash

From Left to Right: Madam Lara Okunubi, CEO of NAPAC CDI and Almaz Negash, Founder/Executive Leader, African Diaspora Network.

Madam Lara Okunubi, CEO of NAPAC CDI, had the honor of attending the African Diaspora Network event in San Jose in October 2023. During this impactful gathering, she had the privilege of meeting Almaz Negash, the esteemed founder and executive leader of the African Diaspora Network. Almaz Negash has played a pivotal role in constructing an ecosystem that effectively engages the diaspora in the United States. This encounter not only provided a platform for networking but also emphasized the shared commitment to fostering collaboration and development within the African diaspora community. Madam Okunubi's participation underscores NAPAC CDI's dedication to meaningful connections and collaborations on both a national and global scale.

Strategic Connections

As NAPAC CDI's CEO, Madam Okunubi's engagement at the African Diaspora Network event underscores the critical role of fostering connections. Her meeting with Almaz Negash aligns with the mission to build a collaborative ecosystem for sustainable African development through diaspora involvement..

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