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NAPAC CDI Embarks on a New Chapter of Empowerment Through Santa Clara University MOBI Partnership

The Santa Clara University My Own Business Institute (MOBI) is the world’s leading provider of free online entrepreneurship education

We are thrilled to announce that NAPAC-CDI has officially become an Affiliate Partner with Santa Clara University's My Own Business Institute (SCU MOBI). This partnership is a significant step forward in our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and creating impactful opportunities for startup enthusiasts within our community.

As a MOBI Affiliate Partner, NAPAC-CDI joins a distinguished network of over 80 educational institutions, community outreach programs, NGOs, and other forward-thinking groups. The core objective is to leverage MOBI's free entrepreneurship curriculum to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart their entrepreneurial journeys.

What Does This Partnership Mean for Entrepreneurs and the Business Community?

  1. Accessible Entrepreneurship Education: Through our collaboration with MOBI, NAPAC-CDI is now equipped to provide constituents with an easily understandable, accessible, and actionable entrepreneurship curriculum. This invaluable resource is available 24/7, offering flexibility to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those we engage through our direct relationships.

  2. Proven Curriculum for Success: MOBI's curriculum is tried, tested, and proven. It includes quizzes, activities, resources, and a final exam — a comprehensive package that serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and complements our existing educational programming.

  3. Certificates of Completion and Digital Badges: The partnership allows us to offer our participants the chance to earn Certificates of Completion and digital badges, instilling a sense of accomplishment and recognition for their dedication to entrepreneurship education.

  4. Global Entrepreneurial Network: Joining forces with MOBI means becoming part of a global movement. MOBI has alumni in every corner of the world, spanning all 249 countries and dependent territories. This expansive network opens doors to collaborative opportunities and a diverse range of perspectives.

  5. Cost-Free Resource for Ongoing Learning: NAPAC-CDI's partnership with MOBI is a testament to our commitment to offering valuable resources without financial barriers. The inclusive English and Spanish curriculum enhances the reach of our programs, contributing to the holistic development of our community.

To register for free online course click here. About MOBI

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