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Empowering Change through 21st Century Trade Missions.

NAPAC CDI joins other in the US-Africa Trade Mission spanning three countries.

In a dynamic initiative to fortify connections and foster economic development, NAPAC CDI's CEO, Mrs. Lara Okunubi, and the Director of Business Development, Mr. Saheed Adeleye, embarked on a comprehensive trade mission across three African countries – Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. The mission aimed to strengthen ties, explore partnerships, and contribute to the flourishing economic landscape of the continent.

One of the notable events during this mission was the Women in Tech event held in Lagos, Nigeria. This gathering brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the technology sector, providing a platform to discuss and address the challenges and opportunities for women in the industry. Mrs. Okunubi, a champion for women's empowerment, seized the occasion to share insights, connect with trailblazers, and champion the cause of diversity and inclusion in the tech sphere.

A highlight of the event was the encounter with the U.S. Undersecretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, Marisa Lago. This serendipitous meeting opened avenues for dialogue on collaboration between the U.S. and African tech ecosystems. Mrs. Okunubi's discussion with Undersecretary Lago revolved around the potential for partnerships that could harness the technological prowess of both regions, fostering innovation and mutually beneficial growth.

Beyond the Women in Tech event, the trade mission delved into multifaceted engagements, from exploring investment opportunities to participating in discussions with governmental bodies and private enterprises. NAPAC CDI's commitment to creating bridges between the African diaspora and impactful projects resonated in each interaction, aligning with the organization's mission to drive positive change through strategic collaborations.

Mr. Saheed Adeleye, as the Director of Business Development, played a pivotal role in establishing connections with key stakeholders. His efforts focused on identifying potential partners, understanding the economic landscape, and creating avenues for collaboration that align with NAPAC CDI's vision for sustainable development.

The African trade mission underscores NAPAC CDI's dedication to being a catalyst for change, not only in the diaspora community but also on the global stage. The experiences garnered and connections established during this mission set the stage for future collaborations, emphasizing the organization's role in propelling economic growth and empowerment.

As NAPAC CDI continues to expand its footprint and influence, initiatives like the African trade mission exemplify its commitment to building bridges, fostering partnerships, and contributing to the economic prosperity of the African continent. Mrs. Lara Okunubi and Mr. Saheed Adeleye's journey stands as a testament to the organization's unwavering dedication to positive transformation and sustainable development.

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