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Saheed Adeleye

Business Development Director

Saheed O. Adeleye, a dedicated resident of Cobb County in the state of Georgia, USA, who stands as a fervent advocate for self-development, community growth, and the organic impact of one's circle of influence. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Saheed brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned business strategist, adept in marketing, operations, and executive development across diverse sectors. With over a decade of professional expertise, his influence extends to promoting engagement among the African diaspora within their host communities and on the continent of Africa, a vision he passionately champions, particularly within his homeland, Nigeria.

As an enterprising entrepreneur, Saheed holds a keen interest in the creative and entertainment industry. He also plays a pivotal role in driving capacity development through his involvement with NAPAC-CDI, an entity focused on mobilizing the workforce community of African heritage in the diaspora. Saheed's extensive career spans an array of sectors, including Telecommunication, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Government, Entertainment, Hospitality, and NGOs, collectively illustrating his multifaceted skillset and commitment to driving positive change.

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