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Tinu Akinyinka-Peña, MPM

Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Akinyinka-Peña brings to the table an extensive reservoir of over two decades of industry expertise, specifically encompassing a diverse array of projects spanning engineering, capital programming, development, construction, and project management. Her unique approach is characterized by a solution-driven ethos, an unwavering client focus, and strategic leadership with a hawk-eye oversight of capital infrastructure projects in her purview.

Her distinguished ability to anticipate challenges and her collaborative methodology, extending across the domains of planning, design, execution, and monitoring, have consistently yielded substantial cost savings on the projects under her purview. This speaks volumes about her capability in achieving remarkable results while adeptly managing resources.

Ms. Akinyinka-Peña's academic background forms a solid foundation for her achievements. Holding degrees in architecture, civil engineering, and project management, she wields a comprehensive skill set that enables her to work seamlessly and efficiently with multidisciplinary teams. This proficiency is particularly evident in her capacity to manifest project and program visions into reality. Her expertise facilitates constructive interactions with government agencies and various stakeholders, effectively navigating the distinct phases of a project's lifecycle.

Notably, Ms. Akinyinka-Peña is a decorated veteran, having honorably discharged as a non-commissioned officer from the US Military. Her commitment to excellence has been further reinforced by her academic pursuits. She earned her master's degree in Project Management from Boston University, a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University, and two associate degrees in Architecture and Computer Science from Palm Beach State College and Chaminade University of Honolulu, respectively.

Alongside her professional accomplishments, Ms. Akinyinka-Peña remains deeply engaged with her community through active volunteerism and board appointments. Her dedication to service has garnered her numerous recognitions most notable is her recognition as one of South Florida's Most Influential and Prominent Black Women in Business and Industry. Currently, she serves as a board member on the Palm Beach County Airport and Aviation Commission, demonstrating her commitment to contributing to the betterment of her community at a regional level.

A proud mother to Miguel and Eleana Peña, Ms. Akinyinka-Peña's remarkable journey stands as a testament to her exceptional competence, her profound dedication to service, and her ability to make a significant impact both in her professional realm and within the broader community.

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