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Lara Okunubi, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Madam Lara Okunubi is a respected mother of four, a thriving entrepreneur, and a committed philanthropist. Her profound dedication to enhancing lives spans over two decades, with a strong focus on empowering individuals with disabilities. Lara's driving philosophy, "when support improves, outcomes will increase," underscores her role as a transformative leader, advocate for empowerment, and catalyst for systemic change.

Lara holds a degree in Business Administration, both a BSc and MBA, and is certified by Cornell University in Measuring and Improving Business Performance. Her expertise extends to Project Management for Non-profit organizations, and she is adept in Person-centered thinking and PC Plan Facilitation. Leveraging her certifications, she offers coaching, consultation, mentoring, and training from a person-centered perspective. This approach enriches leadership and workforce competencies, facilitating desired growth and success.


Her influence extends to the community through her advocacy and as the founder of Compassion Without Borders. She actively participates in numerous network organizations, championing collaborative efforts that amplify community engagement and growth.

Lara Okunubi's multifaceted leadership, unwavering commitment to transformation, and her influential role in community collaboration make her an exceptional CEO who consistently drives positive change.

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